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Welcome to this ProTrainings Data Protection course. Data protection applies to everyone in some form, if you are responsible for handling data in any way you must ensure you follow the rules correctly.

The course can be viewed on any device, so you can start the course on your computer and finish it on your smartphone or tablet.

You can print out your completion certificate, Certified CPD Statement or evidence based learning statement, when you have finished the course or at any time from the home page of the course.

There are many resources and links to support your training and you can access these from the home page of this course. We are updating these resources regularly, so have a look to see new material.

This may be an online course but you can still contact us if you need any support on your training course.

If you are responsible for training in your company, we offer free company dashboards. If you would like more information on our company solutions, please contact us by email, phone or using our online chat on any website.

Even after you pass your test, you still have access for 8 months from when you started the course so you can review videos and material if you need to refresh your skills or see new videos.

Finally, with all our online courses you can choose to receive free weekly refresher emails every Monday to keep your skills fresh and to see new videos that we add to the course. These emails also include news from our blog. You can select from the home page to receive these and you can stop them at any time.