Data Protection and GDPR Level 3 for Managers and Business (VTQ)

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Contract is the second legal basis and this is likely to apply where you have a contract with the individual and you will need to process their personal data to fulfil that contract, or where you have been asked to provide a quote or more information about your services.

When your contract is with one person, but you will be processing someone else's personal data to fulfil the contract, you may need to consider using a different lawful basis for that processing. If you decide to contact someone on your own initiative or at the suggestion or request of a third party, again, contract may not be the best lawful basis.

Be aware that using contract as a legal basis still requires you to only process the data for the purpose of fulfilling that contract, if you wanted to contact the customer regarding other services or products based on the purchases they have made this is not processing that is required to fulfil the contract. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it but you would need to identify and decide a different lawful basis for doing so.