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Subject Access Requests - Part 1

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Changes to Handling Subject Access Requests (SARs) under GDPR

New Timeframe for Response

Extended Deadline: You now have one calendar month to respond to a Subject Access Request (SAR).

Considerations: Response deadline adjusts for varying days in different months.

Practical Approach: Many companies opt for a simplified 28-day response policy for compliance certainty.

Recognition of Requests

Diverse Channels: SARs can be received via various channels including telephone, email, mail, online, social media, or face to face.

Staff Training: All customer-facing staff need to be trained to identify SARs.

Accessible Forms: Offer SAR submission forms on the website, but individuals can request through any means.

Fee Policy Changes

No Charging by Default: Charging a fee for SARs is prohibited unless deemed "manifestly unfounded or excessive."

Justification: Businesses must justify fees, especially for high-volume or repeated requests.

Compliance: In most cases, businesses must provide information without charging a fee.