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The right to rectification

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The third right is the individual’s right to rectification, which is closely linked to the data protection principle of Accuracy. Individuals can request inaccurate personal data to be corrected or completed if it is incomplete. The request can be made verbally or in writing and you have one calendar month to respond to the request, so ideally having a policy of 28 days covers a request received in any calendar month. Again, please take into account that it is important your employees know how to recognise and respond to this type of request.

You have the right to verify the identity and accuracy of the data before the data subject’s request, and if you are satisfied that the data is accurate you should notify the individual and tell them you will not be amending it. Explain your decision and inform them of their rights to complain to the information commissioner’s office or other supervisory authority, and their right to seek a judicial remedy.

Ideally, your organisation should have a policy in place for dealing with and recording requests for rectification.