Data Protection and GDPR Level 3 for Managers and Business (VTQ)

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SARS - Data relating to others

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Handling Third-Party Data Requests

Consent for Third-Party Data

Obtaining Consent: If the individual's data includes third-party personal data, consent from the third party is necessary before providing the data.

Anonymisation Option: Alternatively, if it's impossible for the requester to identify the third party from the provided information, anonymising the data by removing identifying details is an option.

Exceptions for Employee Requests

Special Case of Employees: In scenarios like an employee requesting data where they recognize a third party (e.g., their line manager), if consent from the third party is not granted, the data cannot be provided.

Requests Made on Behalf of Others

Permission Requirement: If individuals make requests on behalf of others, ensure they have obtained permission from the individual whose data is requested. This could be in the form of written authority or a general power of attorney.

Sensitive Data Handling: If the data is sensitive, consider responding directly to the data subject themselves.