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Data Breaches

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Data Breach Prevention

Understanding Data Breaches

Scope: Data breaches can vary from small incidents to massive breaches with severe consequences.

Examples: A large-scale hack resulting in millions of compromised user data is a significant breach, while sending an invoice to the wrong recipient constitutes a smaller breach.

Handling Breaches

Internal Recording: Record all breaches for internal documentation, even if they are deemed small and pose no immediate risk to individuals.

Reporting: Small breaches may not require reporting to the Information Commissioner's Office unless they involve sensitive data.

Dealing with Sensitive Data

Special Category Data: Special category data, such as health or biometric information, requires heightened security measures due to its sensitivity.

Risks: Breaches involving special category data pose a significant risk to individuals' rights and freedoms.

Preventive Measures

  • Secure Handling: Keep personal data secure at all times, whether in physical or digital form.
  • Device Protection: Ensure laptops and handheld devices are protected from malware and password-secured.
  • Immediate Notification: Notify the ICO promptly of breaches with a high risk to individuals' rights.
  • Individual Notification: Individuals affected by significant breaches should be informed as soon as possible.


Understanding the gravity of data breaches and implementing robust preventive measures is crucial for safeguarding individuals' personal information and complying with data protection regulations.