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Text and phone scams

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Protecting Against Vishing and Smishing Scams

The Rise of Vishing and Smishing

New Threats: Criminals are increasingly using texts and phone calls to perpetrate theft and fraud, exploiting vulnerabilities in communication channels.

Understanding Vishing and Smishing

Vishing: Also known as Phone Call Phishing, vishing involves fraudulent calls aimed at inducing recipients to make payments or disclose financial details under false pretences.

Smishing: Short for Text Phishing, smishing employs text messages to lure recipients into clicking malicious links, allowing Trojans to steal sensitive data, including passwords.

The Modus Operandi

Cost-Effective Tactics: Vishing and smishing require minimal technical expertise and are often conducted as high-volume campaigns using automated dialling systems and broadband connections.

Fear Tactics: These scams typically exploit fear-based responses, such as alarming victims about bank fraud, then soliciting detailed card information in response.

Rise of Smishing: Smishing is gaining traction due to the surge in text banking and the vulnerability of individuals unaccustomed to receiving spam texts, often urging urgent action to facilitate data theft.

Protective Measures

Increasing Awareness: Educate individuals about the potential risks associated with vishing and smishing, empowering them to recognise suspicious texts and calls.

Exercise Caution: Never feel pressured to make hasty decisions in response to urgent requests, especially in unfamiliar or unexpected communications.

Stay Vigilant: Refrain from clicking on links in texts from unknown sources, particularly if unsolicited or unexpected.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 5 LO 14.4