Data Protection and GDPR Level 3 for Managers and Business (VTQ)

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What should you tell people when you collect their data?

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Privacy Policy Requirements

Direct Data Collection

Provide Clear Information: Inform data subjects about data handling practices at the point of collection, typically through a privacy policy link in emails or notices on your website.

Key Information to Include:

  • Your company name and address
  • Purpose of data usage
  • Data sharing practices
  • Legal Basis for processing
  • Data retention period
  • Data subject rights
  • Safeguards for EU data transfers
  • Contact information for inquiries
  • Additional processing purposes
  • Complaint procedures
  • Automated decision-making disclosure
  • Legal obligations and consequences

Third-Party Data Collection

Timely Information Provision: Deliver the Privacy Notice or Policy to data subjects in the following scenarios:

  • First communication with the data subject
  • Within one month of data acquisition
  • Prior to disclosing data to another recipient

Important Details to Confirm:

  • Data categories
  • Data source