Data Protection and GDPR Level 3 for Managers and Business (VTQ)

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Data Protection and GDPR level 3 for Managers and Business course overview

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Welcome to Our Data Protection and GDPR Course

Course Overview

Before we delve into the course content, let's provide you with a comprehensive overview of what you can expect during this training.

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Course Content

Section 1: Introduction to Data Protection and GDPR

In this section, we provide a foundational understanding of Data Protection and GDPR. We delve into the Information Commissioner's Office and relevant data protection regulations.

Section 2: Data Protection and GDPR in Detail

Explore data protection and GDPR in greater depth. We examine entities holding personal information, credit card data, and public authorities. Additionally, we discuss the Freedom of Information Act.

Section 3: Data Protection Risk Assessments

Learn about the importance of data protection risk assessments and their role in GDPR compliance.

Section 4: Data Protection Principles under GDPR

Gain insights into GDPR's core principles, including lawfulness, fairness, and transparency. We also cover topics like data minimization, data security, and accountability.

Section 5: General Data Protection Regulation

This section explores various aspects of GDPR, such as its applicability, roles within GDPR, lawful basis, data breaches, data transfers, special data categories, and more.

Section 6: Understanding Lawful Basis

Delve deeper into the lawful basis for processing data, including aspects like consent, contracts, and legitimate interest.

Section 7: Rights of the Data Subject

Learn about the rights of data subjects, including the right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, and other crucial rights associated with data handling.

Section 8: Keeping Data Online Safe

Discover strategies for safeguarding data online to prevent potential data breaches.

Section 9: Data Protection Consultation

Engage in discussions on data protection issues with an expert in the field.